Tuesday, August 24, 2010


alright, so i have been wanting to change up the bike for awhile
now. unfortunately, it took a crash and some broken parts
(thankfully no broken bones) to start the transformation.
first off are these sweet pullback bars Kevin Baas just made
me. just need to be cut down to length and adjusted to my 
liking. then he will weld in the cross brace to sturdy 
things up. was running  a 15 inch wheel with a car tire
and no fender.bike was built with minimalism in mind.
basically just the parts it needs to go down the road. I'm
wanting it to be a bit more comfortable and have somewhere
to strap on some gear for the longer rides.Dave Polgreen
has graciously given me this complete 16 with
a skin that he wasn't using. more
changes coming will include  a 5 inch longer springer that is 
very similar to the one i have on now, along with 
king and queen style seat, rear fender and sissy bar and
some different exhaust pipes i just picked up. thanks for
the help guys. i am now headed in the right direction...

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